Anna University Sanitizers Destroys Genetic Material of COVID-19

Anna University Sanitizers Destroys Genetic Material of COVID-19

The outbreak of the deadly virus COVID-19 pushes the world into a pathetic situation. Its fast transmission from person to person makes it difficult for the government to control the spread. Sanitizers are widely used to control these transmission and to keep people safe from getting infected.

There are several sanitizers available in the market with the capacity to destroy only the outer material of the virus, which makes the virus to still live in the surface and cause infection.


In order to overcome this shortcoming, Anna University’ National Hub for Healthcare Instrumentation Development (NHHID) has come up with a new AU-Sanitizer (AUS) which kills the genetic material (nucleic acid) of the virus and break the chain of transmission.

Usage of AUS

AUS can be directly used or can be added to the existing sanitizers to get rid of the corona virus from the body parts, medical equipment, masks, dresses, PPEs and all kind of devices. This invention is most useful for high risk people like doctors, nurses and all healthcare workers, who come in direct contact with COVID-19 patients.


More than 200 AUS samples were send to doctors and healthcare workers for testing and they have returned positive comments on the same. Many other clinical trials were also being conducted to use this additive as a nasal spray or drops.

Pending Patent

Professor S. Muttan, coordinator of NHHID stated that they have applied  patent for this sanitizer additive, with an already approved provisional patent in hand. He also added that they are ready to collaborate with the government or any large companies to promote their ideas and break the chain of transmission.

The concentrate of the AUS is very cost efficient and can be added to any sanitizers that are already available in the market.

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