Anna University Follows AICTE’s Approval Process for Affiliation of Colleges

Anna University Follows AICTE’s Approval Process for Affiliation of Colleges

COVID-19 outbreak brought enormous changes in our normal day-to-day life. It disrupts our whole system and made the normal activities difficult, not only for the common people but also for the organizations. In the line comes, the affiliation of colleges. 

For the upcoming academic year 2020-2021, 536 engineering and autonomous MBA, MCA colleges in the Tamil Nadu ought to gain the extension of affiliation from Anna University. Around 2500 faculty members from well known institutions like IIT Madras, NIT Trichy, IISc Bangalore were involved in the inspection process. 

Unfortunately, the physical inspection of colleges started in the first week of March and ended after two weeks following the COVID-19 spread. It is also noted that the inspection committee members inspected more than 200 colleges within that two weeks. 

As resuming the inspection process amid this pandemic is difficult, M K Surappa, vice-chancellor of Anna University, announced that they are intended to follow All India Council for Technical Education’s (AICTE) approval process for granting affiliation this year.

The following are the exceptions in the approval process announced by the AICTE for this academic year:
  • For institutions with no changes in their applications from last year’s approval, AICTE has granted extension of approval based on self-disclosure
  • AICTE applied to the Supreme Court seeking extension of time for scrutinizing the applications from colleges with changes, till June 15, 2020. These changes include colleges seeking approval for new courses and establishing new institutions.
  • AICTE also stated that it would use online meeting platforms for conducting the scrutiny of applications for institutions with changes

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