Anna University Android Application | AU Student Corner App

Anna University Android Application | AU Student Corner App

Anna University is a leading provider of engineering and technical education in the state of Tamilnadu. Anna University has a multitude of affiliated colleges which are spread across the length and breadth of the state. The University offers courses under various engineering streams and both as under-graduate and post-graduate studies. The University conducts examinations twice every year and the results, hence, are also published twice every year. The results are published on the official portal and affiliated portals. Recently in tune with the mobile world developments, the University has also developed an Anna University Android application to push the results through.

What Is Anna University Android Application?

Anna University Android application is a mobile app created for Android mobile users. Using this app, students can access their semester results which are push through the app. This can be used instead of using the official portal or wait for the results to reach the college. Apart from the results, the app also carries various other information such as the student’s corner and a help centre which are aimed at benefiting the students. Given that most students have a smart phone; the Anna University Android application is seen as a move to be in tune with the times!

How to Use Anna University Android Application?

Using the Anna University Android application is easy and simple. One can download it from the Google Play store, in a manner similar to downloading other apps. The installation of app can be done the way other free apps are installed. The student’s id, which is unique, serves as the login access provider. Once the app is installed, the students can browse through it and make complete use of all of its features. Of course, the main use is to view all the important information which is being sent out by the University and use the application to view the results.

The results published through the Anna University Android application will contain both the internal and external marks obtained by the student. The student can verify with their course instructor to check if the internal marks are alright and also apply for revaluation for both, in case they feel that they have not been valuated correctly. The Anna University Android application is easy to use and aimed at increasing the access provided to students. Even students in remote areas can easily use the app and be abreast with the latest University related information!

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