Anna University Internal Marks 2020 - Attendance & Internal Marks Calculation

Anna University Internal Marks 2020 - Attendance & Internal Marks Calculation

Based on the recent announcement from the Tamil Nadu Government, it is noted that the semester exams for all the students, except for the final years, has been cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak. Owing to the same, universities have decided to compensate the semester exam marks with the marks scored in the internal exams. So now, internal marks and its calculation is a major concern among all the students throughout the state. In this article, we will provide you with all the details regarding the exams and Anna University Internal Marks 2020.

Anna University Internal Marks

Anna University and its affiliated colleges conduct internal exams (Assessment exams) for all the students on regular intervals.  For each semester, three internal exams are being conducted by the colleges and the answer papers are evaluated by the concerned staffs.

The marks scored in the internal exams are added along with the attendance percentage of the students, to calculate the Anna University internal marks 2020 for a particular semester. Anna University has allotted 20 marks for the internal score, whereas 5 mark for attendance and remaining 15 for the internal exam marks.

Once the final marks are generated, they are uploaded in the Controller of Examinations portal by the respective college admin or subject handling faculty. Finally, the Anna University internal marks 2020 are published to the students before few days of the commencement of Semester Examination.
Students can view the results by logging into the students profile in Anna University’s Controller of Examinations portal using the link Parents can also view the internal marks, attendance and other information regarding their son/ daughter performance using this portal.

Why students attendance is important in internal mark calculation?

As per Anna University norms, students should have 75% attendance to meet the eligibility criteria for attending the semester exam. If the students fail to have attendance below 75%, then there are possibilities that such students will not be allowed for writing the exams. Also hall tickets will not be issued by for those particular students.

As we said earlier, Anna University has allotted 5 marks for the attendance in internal mark calculation. These five marks can be easily gained based on your attendance percentage as given below:

<75 % 0 MARK
76-80% 1 MARK
81-85% 2 MARK
86-90% 3 MARK
91-95% 4 MARK
96-100% 5 MARK

This is why your attendance is important in gaining a good score in internal exam.

How Anna University internal marks 2020 are calculated?

Every university have a different type of method to calculate the internal marks. Similarly Anna University and its affiliated colleges follow a specific method of calculation. The University has allotted 5 marks for attendance and 15 marks for internal exam.

Anna University Internal Exam Mark Calculation

Initially students will write the internal exams for 100 marks and later, the obtained marks will be converted out of 5. Likewise, you have to calculate the internal marks for the academic performance out of 15. The table below shows an example of how the calculation works:
Anna University Internal Marks Calculation
Now, the sum of the three internal exam marks has to be added to the attendance marks to get the final internal score. In the above given example, it is 13. Like internal mark calculation Anna University has a specific method of calculation to find the attendance percentage and marks.

Anna University Attendance Mark Calculation

The attendance percentage is generated by diving the number of periods attended by the total number of periods and multiply it by 100. Repeat the same calculation to know the attendance percentage of each and every subject. Refer the below snippet for better understanding:
Anna University Internal Marks Calculation
From the percentage gained, you can get the attendance marks using the table mentioned in the previous topic. As per the above given example, the attendance percentage is 90.1. So in that case, the attendance mark is 4. Therefore, overall the internal mark for the academic performance would be, 13+4 which is 17 out of 20.

That is, the overall internal mark is equal to the sum of the attendance percentage and internal exam marks. That is,

Overall Internal Mark = Internal Mark for Attendance Percentage + Internal Mark for Academic Performance

What is the pass mark for Anna University semester Exam?

To clear a semester exam a student must score at least 50% of marks in total of external and internal. The Students of Anna University write the external exams for 100 marks, which is later converted to 80. The remaining 20 mark is added from the internals. In regards to external marks, a student should sore at least 45 marks to get a pass. Also there is no pass mark for internal exam, but it is noted that a minimum of 14 marks in internal will help the student immensely to upgrade their score in external exam.

For example let us assume a student scored the minimum pass mark i.e. 45 marks out of 100 in external and 5 mark out of 20 in internal exam. While converting the external mark to 80, 45 will become 36. Now if we add both the marks the final score would be 41, which is a fail. So in this case if a student has the minimum of 14 marks as the internal mark, then his/her final sore would be 36+14 i.e.50, which is a pass. Thus internal marks play a significant role in upgrading the students score in the semester exam.

What are the Grades followed by Anna University?

See below the Grades followed by Anna University in the semester examination.

Grade Points Marks
S 10 >91
A 9 81-90
B 8 71-80
C 7 61-70
D 6 57-60
E 5 50-56
U 0 <50

To get S Grade, you have to be an extraordinary performer who scores above 91 in the semester exam.

When will Anna University’s internal marks get published?

Every year, Anna University publish the internal marks just before few days of the commencement of semester examination.

How to check Anna University’s internal marks?

You can check your internal marks now in Anna University’s Controller of Examinations portal. Follow the steps below to know your internal marks:

Anna University Internal Marks 2020

  • Login in to the portal using the link
  • Enter the register number in the student login and date of birth.
  • Then enter the correct captcha to login into your profile.
  • Now click the internal mark tab to see your internal mark for each subject.

How can I change my Anna University internal marks?

Internal Marks can be changed or modified only by the faculty in the Controller of Examinations portal. If students feel any inconsistency in their marks they can contact the subject handling faculty for any clarifications. Also, the attendance details should be in terms of periods.

If the details are in any other format, contact the concerned faculty member to make necessary changes.

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