Anna University MBA Results April / May 2018

Anna University in Tamilnadu offers MBA courses for students across the state through its affiliated colleges. The university conducts examinations on a annual basis, following the semester pattern. Anna University MBA results for 2018 will be announced at the middle and the end of the year.
The actual date of announcement will be publicised at a later date. Students can access the Anna University MBA results of 2018 through and by using their log into credentials. They can also see the results through other portal which also feature the results

Anna University is an academic institution known for its excellence in provisioning engineering and technical education. The fact that it also has a solid MBA program is a little known fact. Anna University also has a very efficient MBA program which is offered by many of its affiliated colleges as well.

The MBA program is offered both in full time and part-time mode. The full time program runs for 2 years and four semesters. Every semester, examinations are given. Anna University MBA results of 2018 will be announced twice. The first time around this time of year for the examinations conducted towards the end of 2018. The next set of results will be announced during July and August, for the examinations conducted in April and May.

Anna University MBA Results 2018

Anna University MBA results of 2018 will be impacting every semester student as the MBA program is a post-graduate course in which every score is of high relevance. Not only does it directly affect the CGPA, but it also affects the recruitment. Recruiters for MNC and Government organizations come seeking for fresh MBA graduates from Anna University. Hence Anna University MBA results of 2018 will take great importance for every MBA pursuant.

Anna University MBA results of 2018 will be published online, in the university portal. Students can access it by using their unique student id. They have to wait till the hard copy reaches their institution before they can apply for any re-evaluation or re-checking.