Anna University M.C.A. Results April / May 2018

Anna University provides M.C.A. degree for all graduates who have completed a minimum of 3 years of graduate studies. Select colleges affiliated to the university, offer the course.
The Anna University M.C.A results for 2018 will be published twice during the course of the year. The exact dates will be revealed as soon as the valuation and mark entry processes are completed. Most students usually view their results through, which facilitates student login. Other ways of getting the results include viewing on public portals which exclusively feature Anna University M.C.A  results for 2018.

Anna University offers a competitive MCA degree program apart from its engineering degree courses. This MCA degree is available in both the full time and part-time route. In the full time mode, the MCA degree runs for three years and 6 semesters, since the university follows a semester pattern.

Anna University MCA results of 2018 will be announced twice, the first being around this time of the year. Usually, the results will be published on the official website of the university. Hard copies will be dispatched to all the affiliated colleges and will reach them within 10 days of online publication of the results. Mark sheets and consolidated mark sheets will be dispatched a month or two later.
Anna University MCA Results 2018

Anna University MCA results of 2018 will play a role in determining the future of every student who is enrolled in the course. The fact that an MCA degree is a master’s course and all the papers are tough enhances the importance given to the course and its results in the industry. Usually the IT industry is a major seeker of MCA graduates as the course will equip them with the essentials needed to work in a software firm.

Given the relevance of Anna University MCA results of 2018, it makes immense sense for the students to pay heed and accordingly prepare for the exams in order to pass out in flying colours. Every MCA degree aspirant will stand to gain if they prepare with utmost seriousness and work hard to gain success!