Anna University Revaluation Results 2020 Results 2020

Anna University is a premier Engineering and Technology University which caters to the education of millions of students in Tamilnadu. Every year the University conducts semester examinations twice a year for which the results are published. Students are allowed to apply for revaluation of their answer scripts if they feel that they have been evaluated incorrectly. Once the revaluation process is carried out, the results of Anna University revaluation will be published.

The Anna University Revaluation results usually are sent both to the college and also updated online on where the results are announced. These results are important for all those students who have applied for revaluation and for companies which are hiring final year students. Anna University revaluation results are declared after the revaluation process. In the revaluation process, the student’s answer paper is given to a faculty different from the one who has evaluated it. This evaluate checks if marks have been awarded for all the answers, if the totaling has been correct, and if any other discrepancy exists. If there are any changes, the marks are updated and sent for publishing. If not, the same is communicated.

Anna University Revaluation process is quite meticulous and the students have to wait for a period of at least a week before they can get any results. The Anna University revaluation results impact the future of every student who applies for the revaluation as it any change in the marks will directly cause a change in the CGPA of the student.

Dos and Don’ts about Anna University Revaluation Results:

  • Apply for revaluation and wait for the results only if you are confident that you will get more than what has appeared
  • Apply for revaluation and await the results if there is a discrepancy in the internal marks and your faculty can validate it
  • Remember that the revaluation has to be paid for and hence do not mindlessly apply for revaluation
  • Remember that whatever is the mark which appears during revaluation will be considered as final. So, if the revaluation results in lower marks, they will be considered!
  • Respect the process and the time taken by the University. Hence do not apply with the hope of getting a pass mark just because you have applied for revaluation!
  • Students can use their login credentials and view the Anna University revaluation results once they get published.

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